At Theramu, we are fueled by the incredible stories of success we hear every day! Our inspiration is drawn from helping everyone we possibly can from adults suffering with symptoms of MS, or chronic pain from an injury, to babies living with the intense pain of EB. Your relief is like oxygen to us!

Receiving stories from our “Theramu Family” also helps us educate more people who are looking to relieve their own pain and suffering. We’d love to hear how Theramu has impacted your life!

Theramu Sucess Stories
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Our Why

Our why is the patients and their stories. These are remarkable stories of recover, and come to us on a daily basis. With Theramu patients have found managing pain and inflammation has become more simple, less costly and free of negative side effects. Read just a few of our testimonials to find out for your self. Submit your own testimonal now.
Ruby & Robert
Son with EB

When Robert was first born, his legs were missing tissue and skin from large areas, but he did have muscle. He looked as if he’d been mauled, covered in bright red skin. The IV caused blisters, then blisters began from wearing a diaper, and eventually blisters covered his entire body. His sweet baby hands and mouth were especially bad, making it hard for him even to eat.

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Nick – 27
Serious Injuries

Being a retired professional football player with the Chicago Bears and Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and with my alma mater Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (Go Jackets!), I’ve had my fair share of surgeries and broken bones. Little did I know that football would prepare me for the real struggle of being in a very serious car accident...

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Jazz – 28
Epidermolysis Bullosa

I’ve had this debilitating form of EB since I was a baby. The first sign was when I had my regular infant shots, and my skin came off with the bandaid when my mom removed it. As I grew up, I would blister everywhere, to the point I could not walk.

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Joel – 48
Multiple Sclerosis

I was diagnosed 10 years ago with Relapsing Remitting MS. Throughout the past decade, one of my worst symptoms has been intense pain and cramping in my left leg and foot. I was visiting my doctor 2-3 times per week to maintain full mobility in that leg. This was incredibly difficult for me, as I have always been a very active guy.

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