Nick - 27 : Serious Injuries

Nick - 27 : Serious Injuries

My name is Nick Claytor and I know pain. I also know football. Being a retired professional football player with the Chicago Bears and Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and with my alma mater Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (Go Jackets!), I’ve had my fair share of surgeries and broken bones. Little did I know that football would prepare me for the real struggle of being in a very serious car accident on October 3rd, 2015.

After a compound fractured right arm, dislocated left wrist, and fractured and dislocated right hip, you could say I was in rough shape! I spent a number of weeks in ICU and then a number of months recovering in extended care. This was one of the hardest times of my life as I fought daily to get my body back.

Four months into my painful rehabilitation process, I was approaching "the wall”, that point you think you’ll never move past. Well, I broke right through that wall after meeting Jazz Domino and being introduced to Theramu! I used a small amount of the Pure Hemp Extract on my injured left wrist and noticed immediate results. The stuff worked so well that my physical therapist at Georgia Tech was astounded! A few calls with founders Gary and Vickie sealed the deal. I was a believer. They were gracious enough to fully introduce me to the benefits and uses of the product and I started using it right away on all my injuries!

I’m proud to say I’ve made a major recovery since the accident. Most people can't even tell I was injured, let alone in a wheelchair with both arms in casts! The Theramu product really accelerated my healing process, and I spent less time in pain and more time getting back to my normal life. I love the product so much that I introduced it to my friends and family who were experiencing pain for various reasons as well. They too have noticed drastic improvements in their conditions and quality of life!

I’m so excited to tell my story and share how Theramu has helped me achieve freedom from pain and injury. It can change your life too!